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undies that your kid will actually want to wear
website logo for WunderUndies, a children's underwear company.

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The Creation of a Brand

Things Have Been Happening!

Hello to my WunderUndies fans!! It has been a minute since I shared an update and I’m sure you’re all eager to know what’s been happening.

Here’s what I’ve been doing since my last update:

  • Placed my order for bulk prodution of WunderUndies!!
  • Started a real presence on Instagram (which is where I know some of you found me).
  • Worked out packaging. I wanted something that was practical to ship but also not a waste and I think I found it!
  • Did extensive work on the website. I know you can’t see it but I’m working on the back end! Gotta get that shopping cart up and running.
  • Hired a representative to go to my factory and check it out while also doing a quality control check on my products. She reports all good things!
  • Decided, for now, not to add the tees to the WunderUndies line. But I’m certain we’re still going to do big things in the future. It won’t always be just underwear!
  • Went to Thailand with my mom for an amazing vacation!! Seriously Thailand, and the Thai people, are amazing. We just went to Chiang Mai and I can’t recommend it enough.


It’s been very busy!! So here I am in the latter half of January and I made the decision to push back my launch a little bit. It was going to be February 6th but for marketing and website reasons I’ve decided to push it to February 20th. But for now, my WunderUndies have been shipped and they are on their way to me! I’m very excited as well as nervous. 

If you know of anybody who you think would be helpful in spreading the word (including yourselves), please do let me know. I’m looking to work with influencers who work for free product. I don’t care how big or small their following is as long as they are engaged. 

And that’s it!! Count down 29 days…

Finding my Production Partner

So it has been two months since an update but it has been a very very productive two months. In that time I:

  • Worked with two different potential manufacturers until I found the one that was the right fit.
  • Received fabric samples and eventually sewn samples.
  • Did a LOT of work on the back end of the website including switching hosts so you’ll have a much nicer browsing experience.
  • Chose the fabrics and designs I’d like to use for my undies!
  • Scheduled a date for the photoshoot by booking an AirBNB and signing up 19 amazing little models.
  • Learned all about wholesale. Yes you will be able to find WunderUndies in stores once we launch!
  • Contemplated and researched the idea of adding a super cute and cozy PJ top to go with the undies.
  • Went on vacation.


Okay maybe that last one isn’t exactly business related but still pretty important to the mental well-being of this full-time working, business start-up owning mother of two.

So I’m very excited to announce that I have chosen my production partner. They run an incredible, ethical, and organic factory over in China. I’ll soon be sending a representative to get some video and check it out in person. Hopefully some day I’ll be able to go myself! I’m very excited to be working with them.

It’s been a very productive two months! And I have also settled on a launch in early March! Very exciting! And still so much to do before then …

Follow the Journey

Welcome to WunderUndies!

At some point on this journey, I decided that I wanted to blog my adventures in founding a new business. So here we are. Join me. Read along. Get excited.

This past week, I went to New York for the fabric expos. More specifically, Texworld. The best place to go when you’re looking for a bulk fabric mill or manufacturer. It was a little intimidating, I’ll admit. But I came out of it feeling pretty great in the end. You see, in the fashion industry, it can be very difficult to obtain contact information for manufacturers around the world. I’m not entirely sure why this is … it’s just a fact. Like it’s some closely guarded secret. So you have to go to one of these shows to get any information at all. And the nice thing about it is that you also get to meet people face to face. As a geriatric millenial, I have a deep hatred of phone calls. So this works well for me. 

So I went to the shows and I met a lot of potential fabric mills and manufacturers. I got to touch the fabric and do the goofy thing where I breathe through the fabric (to make sure it’s breathable for your comfort). I got to talk to the manufacturers and get quotes from them. Everybody was SO friendly and I had a great time. There were moments when it was discouraging and I thought there was no way I can afford to do what I want to do. But by the end I had met a couple of manufacturers that were happy to meet my price at my low quantities and I’m excited to pick one to work with. I’ll be sure to update you when I do. In the meantime, you can more easily follow this journey by subscribing to my newsletter. Check it out below!

two cartoon children wearing purple capes and underwear and reaching for a star