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undies that your kid will actually want to wear
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Raves from Our Fans

“My daughter has had multiple abdominal surgeries and the wide bands at the top of the underwear do not irritate her sensitive scars. Also, the wide bands on the legs do not dig into her skin like store bought underwear. The material is very comfortable. They come out of the wash and look as good as the day we got them.”​


“WunderUndies are so comfortable. They have a wider crotch piece connecting the front and back where store bought underwear is much smaller.”

-Abby, age 13

“These underwear are my favorite and I’m never gonna pee in them! I’m only gonna pee in the other ones.”

-Eli, age 5

“They are super comfy. I can wear them all day without them bothering me, the elastic in other underwear is annoying and bothers me. I like the fun patterns and colors. I can wear the boxer brief style! They are really soft and not itchy at all.”

-Madison, age 12

“She seriously loves them! As soon as I can order more I am going to because she wants me to wash them 3-4 times a week so she can wear them! Also….Madison is very selective on clothing! It’s a battle sometimes to get her to even put on jeans! And a shirt she wears this week may possibly be one that itches her or annoys her next week! You have somehow won the clothing war with her!”


“I love them because they’re so soft and comfy!”

-Beatrix, age 8

“These underwear are awesome! They don’t fall apart or cut into the kids the way the packs of princess ones do. My girls describe them as very comfortable and love the prints! My five year old loves how soft they are! The best underwear I’ve ever purchased for my kids!”


“I love WunderUndies because they’re comfier than the ones we get at the store. They have a stretchy waistband so they fit better and don’t give me wedgies.”

-Aria, age 12

“Perry loves his WunderUndies, they’re always the first ones he grabs when they’re clean!”


“The kids LOVE them. The one kiddo that has been insisting on staying in pull-ups would not take her new underwear off all weekend. She has pooped in the potty 4 days in a row because she wants her new underwear. Your undies have successfully potty trained my last triplet. All of my kids are pretty sensory sensitive and they all love them. The fit is pretty magical because the underwear is so stretchy. The super soft waistband is particularly nice. Makes me want a pair for me!”


two cartoon children wearing purple capes and underwear and reaching for a star