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undies that your kid will actually want to wear
website logo for WunderUndies, a children's underwear company.

So it has been two months since an update but it has been a very very productive two months. In that time I:

  • Worked with two different potential manufacturers until I found the one that was the right fit.
  • Received fabric samples and eventually sewn samples.
  • Did a LOT of work on the back end of the website including switching hosts so you’ll have a much nicer browsing experience.
  • Chose the fabrics and designs I’d like to use for my undies!
  • Scheduled a date for the photoshoot by booking an AirBNB and signing up 19 amazing little models.
  • Learned all about wholesale. Yes you will be able to find WunderUndies in stores once we launch!
  • Contemplated and researched the idea of adding a super cute and cozy PJ top to go with the undies.
  • Went on vacation.


Okay maybe that last one isn’t exactly business related but still pretty important to the mental well-being of this full-time working, business start-up owning mother of two.

So I’m very excited to announce that I have chosen my production partner. They run an incredible, ethical, and organic factory over in China. I’ll soon be sending a representative to get some video and check it out in person. Hopefully some day I’ll be able to go myself! I’m very excited to be working with them.

It’s been a very productive two months! And I have also settled on a launch in early March! Very exciting! And still so much to do before then …

two cartoon children wearing purple capes and underwear and reaching for a star