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undies that your kid will actually want to wear
website logo for WunderUndies, a children's underwear company.

Meet the WunderUndies Team

As you can see, this is a family business.

I, Danielle, am the owner and primary operator of WunderUndies. But I’m not alone. I have the support of my family. Here you can see all of the people who help WunderUndies run. My daughters help with product packaging and shipping, and my guys help with tech support, videography, and just overall emotional support. I couldn’t do it without all of them.

Want to know more about us? Here are some fun facts!

  • I am a seamstress! It’s true I made the decision to not sew the WunderUndies myself but I’ve been a seamstress for hire for 6 years! My mother taught me how to sew when I was pregnant with my oldest because she “thought I might like it” and she has never been more right about anything. I even have a sewing tattoo! 
  • My oldest daughter is an avid swimmer. She’s been swimming for 8 years! She is also a huge fan of snakes as you can see in the photos. She has a pet corn snake and is currently saving her dollars for a hognose snake.
  • My youngest daughter was a competitive gymnast for 7 years! She loved it but has since moved on to aerial silks. 
  • Both of my kids are straight A students. They do not take after me. 
  • I sing in an LGBTQIA+ (and allies!) choir! It has only been a year but I absolutely love it. If you live in the Pittsburgh area you should definitely come check us out!
  • I’m an avid traveler, especially with my mom. I have been to France, Germany, Italy, Ecuador and the Galapagos Islands, Tanzania, Thailand, Denmark, Greece and several more. When I was in my early 20s I lived in France for 9 months and attempted to teach english to high school students. My goal is to live in several more countries abroad in the future.
  • I am also a lover of languages. I’ve studied many but the only other one I speak with any confidence is French. But I could probably stumble through in Spanish and am learning German now. Duolingo is my friend!
  • I was a photographer for 10 years! Even though I moved on back in 2017, I took all of the photos you see on this website. It was and still is a passion of mine but I no longer wanted it to be my business.


You May Be Wondering … Why a Children’s Underwear Line, Danielle??

I actually get this question a lot. You see, I am a seamstress by trade. And in addition to making clothes all day for work, I make them for my kids too. This leaves me with a lot of scraps. So a year or so ago I started selling items made from those scraps. Much to my surprise, the most popular item BY FAR was the underwear. I had moms telling me their kids wouldn’t wear anything else. Would I PLEASE make them more? They are desperate. 5 pairs of underwear isn’t enough for one kid, they would tell me.
So when I decided that it was time to venture out and create my own business, the wild popularity of my kid’s underwear immediately came to mind. “This is something people obviously want and need” I thought to myself. And here we are. Only now, I’ve made them even better with an ultra soft bamboo cotton fabric I never had access to previously.
You should probably try it out for your own kids, don’t you think? 
two cartoon children wearing purple capes and underwear and reaching for a star