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Why Are You So Focused on Having Gender-Neutral Underwear?

Why do we care about gender-neutral underwear? This one is pretty easy. If you’re a mom of girl that likes “girly” things or a boy that likes “boy” things then this issue probably hasn’t come up in your parenting life. But not many of our kids fall into such simple categories. Your kids don’t have to be gender-non-conforming to be a girl that doesn’t like pink and princeses or a boy who DOES like pink and princesses. 

As a mom I find the underwear choices in the big box stores to be very limiting. Comfort aside, girls underwear usually has things like pink, butterflies, and flowers on it. My kids (both girls) never cared much (I mostly made their underwear for them anyway), but I’ve met plenty of moms whose kids DID care. And it can be very limiting.

Plus, there are our transgender kids to think about. It can be very gender dysphoric for a trans child to be forced to choose between their physical comfort and their emotional comfort of wearing underwear that matches their gender identity.

I want kids to be able to choose their underwear based entirely on comfort. Whether your kiddo prefers boxers or briefs, they can wear what they like without the limitation of the print on the fabric. 

This is ridiculous, you might say. Why are we catering to kids this way? Just make them wear what’s available! It’s no big deal! 

But when it’s your kid, and something that should be as simple as underwear is a battle, it IS a big deal. So WunderUndies is making it a big deal too.

Let your kids be who they are in whatever makes them comfortable.

Plus, our designs are just plain fun. Tacos, ice cream, and donuts? Who doesn’t want that?? It’s a win-win all around.

two cartoon children wearing purple capes and underwear and reaching for a star