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undies that your kid will actually want to wear
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Do You Have a Sensory Sensitive Child?

Is just getting dressed every day a struggle?

Does scratchy clothing overstimulate your child?

Is elastic too irritating for their skin?

So many moms say they struggle to find underwear for their kids that isn’t irritating. WunderUndies are sensory friendly underwear that your kids will actually WANT to wear, making every day just a little bit easier for both you and them.

Check out the benefits of WunderUndies, and try them for just $5!

Use code TRYFOR5 at check out.

Just add a single pair of either briefs or boxer briefs to your cart. Free shipping!

*One time use only. One per household. 

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Does Your Child Need Seamless Underwear?

WunderUndies is considering branching out to start making seamless underwear!! But something like this takes a lot of time, money, and experimentation to get it perfect. So before we take that leap, we need to know that there’s a need for them! 

If your child needs seamless underwear, just follow this link and let us know. 

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