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Let's Talk about Potty Training

Are you at the super fun potty training stage?? It’s a tough time for all of us! Read on for some advice from moms that were there before you about how they tackled this particularly stressful time.

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Potty training is a difficult time for all of us and I’m not going to pretend to be an expert on the topic. So instead, I gathered advice from my wise and seasoned parent friends about the methods that worked for them when it came to potty training their kids. I asked them two questions:

  • What’s the biggest piece of advice you would give someone about potty training?
  • What was the hardest thing about potty training?


Let’s see what these seasoned parents had to say:

What was the hardest thing about potty training?

These answers were split between three options:
  • Not being able to find underwear small enough for extra little kids.
  • Dealing with both accidents and toilets in public.
  • Having neuro-spicy kids who can’t as easily recognize the signs of needing to use the bathroom.

Now on to the answers …

What is your biggest piece of advice about potty training?

Jessica says: Wait until they’re at least 2.5 years old.

Another Jessica says: Wait until they’re ready and use the two day method which trains both day and night time together. Do not use pull ups or other glorified diapers, they are confusing.

Sara says: Be patient. When they’re ready, they’ll lead the process. And bring post its with you when you’re starting to take them into public bathrooms. You can put one over the sensor and keep it from flushing and terrifying your kiddo.

Lisa says: Don’t expect instant perfected results. Accidents happen and it’s best to just be prepared. Pull-ups are confusing, public toilets are not always conveniently placed (so be prepared to drop everything and “jog” to nearest). When in public, don’t be afraid to ask a line if they can “jump to front” and explain that they are training….most people understand! We spent 2-3 days in underwear and on the toilet every 2 hours. We read a book, sang songs, played games until they went. Then did it all again 2 hours later. Also….foldable toilet seats were our best friends in public! Made any “big toilet” feel like a little one!

Sarah says: Wait as long as you can, but buy a training toilet early to get them used to it. ASK them to use occasionally but never demand or force.

Kat says: We found that for our kids, it’s about the kid and when they are ready. Both my boys potty trained really young – 20 and 22 months. Was it convenient for us? No way. Were there more accidents because the first was pre verbal? Probably. But we are huge advocates of listening to your body.  We would have done our kids a disservice if we had ignored the signs and desire they were showing us to start using the potty. I do think it widely varies from kid to kid and the key is when that child is ready.

Also, I would say it’s totally okay to separate day and night training. We waited much longer for both kids to night train. Didn’t affect the day at all.
Skip pull-ups or anything diaper like during the day. Definitely confusing.
Once you start, stick with it. It can be tempting to go back because the first few days are a PAIN. But if you do, your kid knows it’s an option and so do you in the back of your head.
Celebrate the wins but keep the accidents super chill.
Put liners in the car seat until you know they can hold it consistently. Nothing worse than having to wash the car seat fabric. Ugh.
Obviously have an extra outfit (probably at least two) in the diaper bag. But also key – have an emergency outfit in each car. Never fails that someone forgot to repack the bag, you’re out and about for longer than you expect, kid is just having a rouuuuugh day with potty training and you’ll need that extra outfit at some point.
Sharon says: I potty trained my daughter with M&M’s… told her she would get a couple if she went to the potty instead of in her diaper… worked like a charm..
Vita says: My advice would be don’t do it too soon. Both of my kids didn’t train until they were nearly 3 or maybe even over 3. Despite us trying for a long time with Evie. Pediatrician said it was normal for kids like mine. So basically don’t let your preconceived notions or what other people are doing make you feel bad about your kid or your own parenting.

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